Company NC-Colour s. r. o.


In 2002 a team of design engineers constructed and manufactured our first dyeing machines. Since then, more than 280 pieces of dyeing machines for dyeing textile pieces have been manufactured. These machines are now distributed worldwide by our subsidiary company NC-Colour s. r. o. under the brand of TEXCOLOUR.

Presently, we produce a wide range of dyeing machines in top quality and these machines are customized. We supply machines for dyeing from 1.5 kg to 90 kg of dry clothes. TEXCOLOUR machines distinguish themselves in dyeing repeatability and bleaching level. High technical parameters allow processing of all types of textile materials. NC6DM to NC45DM are machines designated for small batches of clothes and all necessary dosing tanks are installed directly on the machine. NC90DM machines are equipped with an additional unit with dosing tanks.

Why to choose our machines?

  • Very small built-up area
  • The machines are controlled by SETEX SECOM, CODACO, SEDO TREEPOINT programmers
  • Variable machine speeds – from 2 rpm to 600 rpm
  • Indirect heating and cooling of the dye bath
  • Automatic and precise control of bath temperature
  • All machines are equipped with an extractor
  • Closed circulatory system with a filter and dosing pump
  • Accurate filling with water – controlled electronically
  • Adjustment of machines at customer’s option