TEXCOLOUR drum dyeing machines

Our dyeing machines are manufactured in various sizes and are designed for dyeing of textile pieces. They are atmospheric machines, suitable for dyeing cotton, polyamide, viscose, linen and blended yarn.

Why our machines?

Many years of experience in manufacture

In 2002 a team of design engineers constructed and manufactured our first dyeing machines. Since then, more than 280 pieces of dyeing machines for dyeing textile pieces, cotton, polyamide, viscose, linen and blended yarn have been manufactured.

High reliability of our products

TEXCOLOUR drum dyeing machines distinguish themselves in reliability, dyeing repeatability and bleaching level. High technical parameters allow processing of all types of textile materials. NC6DM to NC45DM are machines designated for small batches of clothes and all necessary dosing tanks are installed directly on the machine. NC90DM machines are equipped with an additional unit with dosing tanks.

Custom-made production for our clients

Presently, we produce a wide range of reliable dyeing machines in top quality and the machines can be adapted to our customers’ requirements anytime. We supply drum dyeing machines for dyeing from 1.5 kg to 90 kg of dry clothes.

References from all over the world

Dyeing machines of the TEXCOLOUR line are distributed worldwide by our subsidiary company NC-Colour s. r. o. Portfolio of our customers can be found on 5 continents in 35 countries of the world.

Where you can meet us?

In the days 12 to 19 November 2015, we participated in the international exhibition ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy.